There are many functions within and outside the finance and accounting departments which can benefit from business process automation. Many processes which are carried out are performed in a similar manner on a regular basis, for example, many transactions are repeated on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. If a process follows a standard procedure there will be a method available to automate it. Depending on the type of business, automation may make financial sense depending on the facts and circumstances. Functions that we recommend automating are, Accounting Systems, Billing, A/P, Sales Tax, CRM, Shopping Carts, Payroll, HRMS, Time & Attendance, Benefits Management, POS Integration.

For instance Accounts Payable could be automated by simply scanning invoices when they are received and henceforth reference digital copies. Taking it further, the organization could implement an electronic invoice and payments systems which receives invoices either by email or directly by electronic data transfer.

Internal critics of automation, fearful of their positions becoming obsolete will see their positions transformed, as they can refocus there efforts on activities which add genuine value rather than engaging in time consuming mindless data entry. This will allow management to utilize human capital more effectively and allocate an organizations efforts toward expansion rather than static maintenance, resulting in a more successful company and a more satisfied and engaged workforce.