Designing, architectural drafting, sculpting, painting are all considered forms of art. We believe the creativity that goes into financial modeling and analyzing companies are also forms of art. At CFOSONDEMAND, modelling is part of our DNA. The founder and president of our company Mr. Schiller, has performed financial modeling and analysis on over a thousand companies throughout his professional career. During the course of his professional career he has managing hundreds of millions of dollars in proprietary investment portfolios for some of the world’s most admired financial institutions over the last 15 years. We provide a service where we periodically forecast and analyze the current and future business trends while taking into consideration the changing dynamics of a business and its industry. Based on our analysis, we recommend changes that we assist in implementing to achieve future results. We are currently engaged by some of our clients BOD's to prepare and present a quarterly progress report, communicate results and recommend changes based on the strategy directed by stakeholders.