We help SME’s prepare to raise capital. Raising capital through debt, equity or a credit line involves a process that must be well managed. It starts with reviewing the business plan and strategy and negotiating with former investors in order to bring new capital in. The business story must be communicated simply; a complicated story is often interpreted as having too many moving parts or having a lack of focus. It is very important to coordinate a capital raise strategy that is focused on the type of financing being pursued and the appropriate investing group that a company is marketing to. In order to be successful, we usually ask our clients a simple question. If you were the type of investor we are targeting, would you invest in your company under these set of circumstances? 

Prior, to presenting to investors, there is a clean-up process, which includes but is not limited to simplifying the capital structure, resolving outstanding payables and receivables, shedding unprofitable accounts, resolving legal issues, etc.  Sometimes there are parts of the business that don’t make financial sense, and that part can be divested or sold.

To be clear, CFOSONDEMAND can only prepare clients and make introductions during a capital raise process, we do not engage in capital raising solutions. However, we could recommend partners that do.